The Captain

Born: Born: 20.06.1958 r, Leszno Wielkopolskie, Poland
Graduated from Medical Academy in Poznan (1983), the doctor

Sailing began in 1972, yacht Captain since 1998
In the years 1996-1999, along with his father and friends built the boat „Old”
In 2000, as the third officer and the doctor, he took half-year cruise on the „Pogoria”
In the years 2004-2007 he built yacht „Ulysses”
Since 2010 he sails on it in a cruises around the world
For sailing, which became the biggest passion, he decided to leave his medical career. Words from The Slocum Society Sailing Club Newsletter reflect his view of the matter the best: „In Times when most of the public considers the individual courage and independent thought as outdated values, oceans of the world remain immense and quite, beautiful but ruthless, waiting for those who do not want to give up. Their voyages are not an escape but fulfilment”. 
He gained his first sailing experience on the lake Dominickie located near Leszno. He swam and absorbed adventure books, nautical, especially those of the "Famous sailors". Even as a teenager, supported by his father, he dreamed about an expedition around the world. Sailor, who fascinated him the most was Bernard Moitessier, about who Captain says: "The great romantic of the sea”.
After lakes swimming the time came for sea cruises. On the sailing camps in the Tri-City and in the Polish sailing school in Trzebież he earned more and more sailing ranks. A trip with his friends on a small boat „White Bird” was a specific test of skills. They sailed from Varna to Athens, beating the Dardanelles on the oars. In subsequent years, as soon as time allowed, he sailed the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea. All the time nurturing the dream of terrestrial expeditions.
With the thought about it, in the late 90s, he with the help of his father Wladyslaw and two friends (Miroslaw Hartwich and Henry Olejnik) built a 13-foot yacht "Old". The construction started in Leszno and was finished in Szczecin. Unfortunately, the dream of a great expedition had to be postponed. But the solid, oceanic yacht became famous for two trips. Sailors from Silesia in 2003 circumnavigated on it Horn, and four years later defeated the Northwest Passage, flowing around the two Americas.
Meanwhile Lewiński has built a second 13,5 meter yacht. He called it "Ulysses”. It is a modern design of the famous Dutch agency Van der Stadt. Construction began in Odessa and ended in Szczecin. The sailor participated in almost every stage during the construction. He already knew that on this boat his dreams will come true. He was aware that time does not stand still – so now or never!

The "now" took place on 29th May 2010. The expedition began on this day in JK AD Harbor in Szczecin. It was called „a cruise around the world along the trail of Wladyslaw Wagner”. In short „The Wagner’s Cruise” ( Wagner was the first Pole who circumnavigated the world under sail in the years 1932-39. This expedition started when we was barely 20 years old scout boy – brave romanticist with imagination. 
Lewinski began his journey as a 52year old man. He set out with his son Peter and Mark Grześkowiak. At next stages of the voyage the crew was changing. So far by the board's "Ulysses" scrolled dozens of people of different nationalities. They cover the costs, financing cruise. The only sponsors are: the company Henri Lloyd (offered first-class suits) and the Rotary Club Szczecin (founded sail).

‘I participated in three different stages of the voyage’ says Tomasz Weczer. ‘It's a fascinating adventure, combined with admiration of the exotic world, and to this extraordinary personality of the captain. He impresses me with knowledge and erudition. 
In the assumptions the cruise was to last two years. It is still going on. It has become a kind of unhurried, sailing tramp, getting to know the world and new people. The current route led across the Atlantic, Canary Islands, Barbados, Caribbean, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama Canal, Pacific Ocean. The most beautiful and stunning Island on the ocean are Galapagos, Marquesas, Society Islands, Western Samoa, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea. Since March 2013, he stopped for longer in the Philippines. Date of completion of the voyage is not known, especially when around are plenty of interesting and amazing islands and waters…




Mirosław Lewiński


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