The Crew

mirek-lewinski.PNGMirek Lewiński: Captain
Dwelling-place: Szczecin, earlier: Leszno, Poznań, Warszawa

Doctor, specialization in internal medicine, assistant at the Medical Academy in Poznan in Parasitic and Tropical Diseases. A restless spirit and indomitable call from the sea did not allow him to continue well promising medical career. Passion: Sailing, which is more than a sport…  Words from The Slocum Society Sailing Club Newsletter best reflect his view of the matter: „In Times when most of the public considers the individual courage and independent thought as outdated values, oceans of the world remain immense and quite, beautiful but ruthless, waiting for those who do not want to give up. Their voyages are not an escape but fulfilment”. 
The first steps in 1972, sailing on the lake Dominickie, near Leszno. Getting Started at sea: Gulf of Gdansk – 1976. Further cruises and grades in the classic Polish sailing school in Trzebież until obtaining the rank of  captain. Swam under sail: Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, Black Sea, Caribbean Sea, Amazon River.
The third officer and the doctor in Pogoria- six-month voyage across the Atlantic from the Caribbean to the Polis. The builder and first owner yacht S/Y STARY, which sailed around Cape Horn in 2003, and in October 2006 breached the North West Passage. Currently since 29.05.2010 in the course of the lifetime project: Sailing Expedition Around the World.

The crew is the most important element of expeditions. And a good crew is a real treasure!





Mirosław Lewiński


Hiszpania +34 634054550
Polska +48 502259111